Isnin, 27 Mei 2013

Went Sometimes.

Sometimes we need to think carefully, what we need what we want.
Sometimes, you have to things what you feel, not what people feel about you.
Sometimes, you need to look at yourself first, before you look people.

Sometimes, your self make you cry, not pepople make you cry.
Sometimes, you must be hipocrit, you dont want to smell, but you need to smell.
Sometimes, you forget what you promise to your self.

Sometimes, you think you are great, but at the time your look idiot.
Sometimes, you feel failed.

But  sometimes you must remember something,
Whatever or whenever happen in your life, in your feel.
You have someone that never leave you alone. NEVER.

Allah, always accompany you whenever you go,
Even you always leave Allah.
What you feel Allah can feel to.
Stop trust what people say, but trust what Allah say.
You will never disappointed.

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